Friday, October 16, 2009

The 2010 Axis A22 just arrived at CTWS

The first of our 2010 AXIS A22's has just arrived. Where can you get 900+ pounds of ballast, tower, board racks, wedge, cruise, trailer and more for less than $48k? And it's made by MALIBU!!
Come check it out!! There is tons of buzz right now for this boat. Now at the new CTWS on I-35!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

CTWS Moved!!

Come check out the new CTWS!! We are really excited about our new location. Tons of room out front to display our inventory, bigger and better shop and easy in-out for our customers.

Our new location is just a couple miles south down I-35 from our old store. From the south, just take exit 250 for Louis Henna Rd. and make the U turn. From the north, take exit 250 for Hester's Crossing. Stay to the left on the feeder to bypass the light. Go through the next light and we are about 1/4 mile down the feeder road.

New address:
16628 I-35 North
Austin TX 78728

Come check it out!!