Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Big Wakesetter Inventory

The trucks are rolling in! We have gotten three truckloads of new Malibu Wakesetters in since the Boat Show. We'll have another two truckloads in over the next five days.

What does that mean to you? Loads of Malibu Wakesetters to choose from! Right now we are sitting on close to 50 new 2008 Malibu's. Want a VTX Wakesetter? Come on in we have 8. How about a VLX Wakesetter? Sure, we have 9! What about the new-for-'08 Wakesetter 23 LSV? I got 8 of those, too! Heck, I even have four direct drive XTi Wakesetters. Try to find those somewhere else!

Now, I sound like a furniture salesman. Sorry about that. Some of these new boats are just so cool -looking it's hard not to get excited about 'em.

Come by, we'd love to show 'em off!


Friday, January 25, 2008

Boat Show is over!

After working since the first of the year to get everything just right, the Boat Show is over.

At the show we did OK. The traffic was off this year-again! I guess Twiggy the water skiing squirrel just doesn't pack 'em in like they planned. We sold three new Malibu boats at the show and had one show customer come in this week to make it four. We also sold one used boat that was to be a trade-in, so that was ok.

We took a day off on Monday to rest, and Tuesday began the process of moving boats and all our stuff back where it belongs. Just yesterday we finally got our showroom stocked full of boats.

The weather is terrible, but you can browse our inventory in the showroom. We have 17 boats inside. One of every model. From the Sunscape 20, 21.5 and 23 to the Wakesetters. We have 2 VTX's inside, 2 VLX, 2-23 LSV and a 23 XTi and 3-247's. Two LSV's and one 247 RX direct drive.

There all here. Come by and take a look!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

At the Austin Boat Show

After a long day Wednesday of hauling, lifting and polishing, we are in our space at the Austin Boat Show.

We have 20 boats in our display and thay all look great! We have a Wakesetter 23 LSV a Wakesetter 23 XTi and a Wakesetter VTX "on the floor".

It's great to see our boats with the competition right next to us. When you see them side-by-side, there is just no comparison.

Come on over to the Show. Hope to see you here.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Malibu Response LXI and Wakesetter VLX

Today we spent getting the CTWS Promo Team boats ready. The Texas State University Ski Team's Response LXi got some cool graphics applied today. It looks really tough with the Bobcat head on the side. It also displays decals showing the Team's National Championship season.

WAKEBOARDER.COM'S Wakesetter VLX was already pretty pimp, but we added a few more decals to it , too. We're excited to have these boats in our display space at the Austin Boat Show this weekend.

Hope to see you at the Boat Show!!


Friday, January 11, 2008

2007 Malibu's almost gone

Wow! What a winter we are having in Austin, Texas!! We have as many boats going out the door now as we do in the spring and summer months.

We only have two 2007 model year Malibu's left. We started the week with four, but two lucky customers came in and bought a 2007 Malibu 247 Wakesetter and a 2007 Malibu V Ride. That leaves us with one remaining 2007 Malibu V Ride and a Malibu 23 Sunscape. These two boats will be bargain-priced at the upcoming Austin Boat Show Jan 17-20.

Don't worry if you think you may have missed the boat! We have truckloads of new Malibu Wakesetters, Sunscapes, V Rides and Responses arriving weekly. As one of the larger Malibu dealers in the country, we stay full of new Malibu inventory.

Come by our store or come by the our display at the Boat Show next week. Hope to see you soon!!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 Austin Boat Show

Happy New Year to all!

We are back at work here at Central Texas Water Sports. We are trying to get ready for the Austin Boat Show on January 17th-20th. But we are still taking care of our customers in the sales dept and in the service and parts depts. We haven't had our deep freeze yet, but you wouldn't know it by looking at our back lot. Kenny has as many boats in for service now as we would have in July!

We are very excited about this year's Boat Show. We will be showcasing the new 23's from Malibu. We will have a 23 XTi Wakesetter and a 23 LSV Wakesetter on the floor for all to see. They will really be "on the floor" with no running gear so you won't even have to step up to get a look at the unbelievable amount of room and storage inside.

We have also upgraded our carpet and signage, so we think our Boat Show space will look great.

We hope to see you there!