Friday, January 11, 2008

2007 Malibu's almost gone

Wow! What a winter we are having in Austin, Texas!! We have as many boats going out the door now as we do in the spring and summer months.

We only have two 2007 model year Malibu's left. We started the week with four, but two lucky customers came in and bought a 2007 Malibu 247 Wakesetter and a 2007 Malibu V Ride. That leaves us with one remaining 2007 Malibu V Ride and a Malibu 23 Sunscape. These two boats will be bargain-priced at the upcoming Austin Boat Show Jan 17-20.

Don't worry if you think you may have missed the boat! We have truckloads of new Malibu Wakesetters, Sunscapes, V Rides and Responses arriving weekly. As one of the larger Malibu dealers in the country, we stay full of new Malibu inventory.

Come by our store or come by the our display at the Boat Show next week. Hope to see you soon!!


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