Saturday, December 15, 2007

V Ride

We are selling one of our last V Rides today. After this one we will have two 2007's left and one new 2008.

The V Ride leaving today is Rueben (dark red) with back accents. The other 2007 V Rides are yellow/black and dark blue/yellow. The 2008 V Ride is dark blue and black. I ordered one more 2008 V Ride the other day. It is vapor blue and black.

The customer wants to take a test ride before they sign. No problem, but it is about 47 degrees and VERY windy. They are trading up to a MALIBU from a Tracker pontoon boat. Talk about Movin on up!!!

I wish all customers were so insistant on riding before they buy. We'd hardly ever lose a sale if they drive our boats.

One of our competitors (Texas Ski Ranch-MasterCraft) had a 1/4 page ad in the Sports section of the Austin paper today. The are trying to blow out their 2007's. I hardly have any left. They have to sell at least 2 just to pay for that ad!!!

Wakesetters rule!!! Rob

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Rob, this blog page looks great!