Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Illusion Towers Color Matched

We have a got a bunch of new MALIBU WAKESETTERS with color matched Illusion Towers in recently! I have been wanting to get some of these in for a while now and my new owner/colleague Rob stepped up and got a handful of them!

Take your pick and seperate yourself from the crowd this summer with a color matched Illusion Tower. We have a a vapor blue, midnight blue, dark blue, regal red, yellow, and my favorite a white tower. Our Illusion Tower is by far the best looking tower on the market and now with the color added we even seperated ourselves more from the competition.

Also, our towers are not only good looking but safer than the competition. The visiblity the Illusion Tower offers is awesome. When you are driving a MALIBU Wakesetter you do not even realize you have a tower because of the clean lines! The lakes are crowded so being able to see is very nice versus my competition which offer a jungle gym on a boat for a tower! hahaha

Come and see our new toys soon!!!!!!

Kevin Brown
Sales & Finance Manager

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