Saturday, March 29, 2008

MALIBU Boats at the Hula Hut

In case you missed the last one, CTWS is having another in-the-water Demo Day at the Famous Hula Hut on Lake Austin next Saturday April 5th from 10-3pm.

We had great weather last time. March is always a little dicey. You have as much a chance of having a 80 degree sunny day as a 40 degree rainy day. We're hoping for a repeat of last time.

Come see the whole line of MALIBU's next week. There will be a V Ride, VTX Wakesetter, VLX Wakesetter, 23 LSV and XTi Wakesetters and the big 247 LSV Wakesetter. If you saw these in the showroom or at the Boat Show, just wait until you see them out in the sun! They look awesome!

Come take a ride!! Hope to see you there!!

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